Our Vision Exams

We bring the Ophthalmologist office to you! Between new technology and our skilled technician, we can send scans from anywhere to our Dallas-based ophthalmologist team and they can write an eyeglass or contact lens prescription. 

Our Frame Lines

This frame line is a great for budgets without losing any style. 
Ideal for: Making multiple pairs (such as readers) or an inexpensive back up pair.

This Boutique frame line is designed with timeless, classic style in mind. 
Ideal for: Women who are looking for effortless and beautiful styles.

We can make your prescription in these functional AND fashionable sunwear styles.
Ideal for: SUNGLASSES! (And in Texas, y'all KNOW we need those!)


Our Lenses

OnQ Optical Labs
Our lab, who manufactures most of our eyewear, is based in New Braunfels, TX. Out of 1,000s of labs in the US, we picked them because of their ability to get things done, the quality of the eyewear that they produce, and they care about their Texas community. Visit their website to learn more!


Clip Ons

Chemistrie ClipsWith the Chemistrie technology, you don't have to carry around multiple pairs of glasses. We can make any pair of glasses into clip-ons. Watch this video to learn more!