Flexible Spending, Health Savings, and Eyeglasses

Are eyeglasses medical devices?
Yes! The FDA classifies Magnifying Spectacles, Spectacle Frames, Prescription Spectacle Lenses, and Sunglasses as medical devices.



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Can I use my Flexible Spending Account to purchase eyeglasses?
Yes! The card just has to be associated with a major credit card company and you are all set to use your Flexible Spending Account (or FSAs).

Can I use my Health Savings Account to purchase eyeglasses?
Yes! Eyeglasses are considered medical devices and are covered under most Health Savings Accounts (or HSAs).

What do I need to do to use my HSA or FSA?
Just use it like you would any other credit card. Some companies will require an itemized receipt, if you need one just email us (info@KatEyeOptical.com) or give us a call, 469-249-0044.

What if my card declined?
It may be that you are getting close to the card's balance. For example, if you have $100 eyeglass purchase, but only $99 left on the card, the transaction will decline. If you know your exact balance, Kat Eye Optical can run your card for that amount, then take a second payment.

Another reason that a card may decline is the managing company has placed a hold on it. Some companies require an itemized receipt to be submitted prior to authorizing charges. For example, if you visited the dentist last week and did not submit a receipt, then the managing company may place the card and all transactions on hold.  Kat Eye Optical can accept a different payment method and provide an itemized receipt.  The managing company will reimburse you if you have enough funds in the account and the purchase meets their qualifying requirements.

Don't forget to check for the simple answer: It may be expired, or you may have been sent a new card if it is a new year.


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